Benefits Of Leasing A Car

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the thrill of driving that durable marvel of German engineering, a brand new Volkswagen? The chances are you have, but then perhaps you dismissed the idea, believing the VW you’d like to drive is beyond your reach.

Well, you can set that idea aside, because you can have that VW you’ve always wanted by leasing it from Hawk Volkswagen, your Volkswagen dealer serving Orland Park and surrounding Chicagoland communities since 2014.

Finance & Lease Specials

If a Volkswagen Jetta, Tiguan, Passat, or Atlas is the car you’ve dreamed of driving, we have a
fantastic selection of all these models for you to consider, and no matter what vehicle catches your eye, you can have it by taking advantage of one of our great lease offers.

If you’ve never leased before and you’re not sure a lease is right for you, consider a few of leasing’s benefits.

Since you’re leasing for two or three years, rather than buying over five or six years, monthly payments will be lower. In fact, depending on the model, you can lease a new VW from us for as little as $3 a day!

  • Lower monthly payments mean that you’ll be able to drive a better-equipped vehicle that otherwise might be beyond your budget.
  • Over time, everything is subject to wear and tear, even a superbly made Volkswagen, and you’ll be driving your car during its most trouble-free years.
  • If you don’t want to drive a car that’s beginning to look a bit obsolete after four or five years, no worries. At the end of your lease, you can turn in your VW and lease another beautiful, brand new one right off our showroom floor.
  • At the end of your lease, you don’t have to worry about trade-in value. Just drop your VW off with us, and we’ll help you lease another!

Whatever you choose, leasing or buying, financing with your Volkswagen dealer in Orland Park is hassle free. You can even start the process online before you set foot on our lot.

So, stop dreaming and come see us. We’re here Monday through Saturday, conveniently located at 2861 W. Jefferson Street in Joliet. We are the #1 volume Volkswagen dealer in Illinois based on 2018 retail sales! We’re anxious to meet you, and we’ll take the time to explain the details of our lease offers and do everything we can to get you behind the wheel of a brand new Volkswagen.