Vehicle Exchange

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First and foremost Thank You for having your vehicle serviced at Hawk Volkswagen. While your vehicle was in our service department one of our exchange specialist completed a vehicle valuation for you free of charge. Your vehicle is in HIGH DEMAND right now and we would like to obtain your vehicle through a trade in or outright purchase for our inventory. In many cases you may be able to trade in for a new model and keep the same monthly payment that you currently have. The appeared value would be the minimum amount honored at Hawk Volkswagen as a trade in. We have also provide you with a Kelley Blue Book trade in value comparison. You will receive a follow up phone call in the next couple of days to go over any questions or discuss some of your available options. If you would like to contact us sooner please call (815)-741-1100

Exchange Program Benefits

  • Drive a nicer newer vehicle
  • Stop making payments on a vehicle you are no longer in love with
  • Better interest rate than you are currently paying
  • Trade in & leave behind any on going issues you may be experiencing. – Warrant = No more repair bills
  • Down Payment Assistance available
  • Tax credit towards new car
  • Loaner vehicles available
  • Maintenance programs

Thanks again and we look forward to assisting you with all of your automotive needs.

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