FAQs About Used Cars

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Used Inventory

Buying a used car can be a daunting experience because a lot of folks, frankly, don’t know the right questions to ask before they buy. Knowing what to ask the seller, either a dealer or a private party, helps prevent buyer’s remorse, so here are four essential questions to ask before making any used car purchase.

Q: Where’s the title?
A: The title identifies the legal owner of the vehicle, and if buying from a dealer, the title should be in the dealer’s name. If buying from an individual, the title could be in their name or in the lender’s or bank’s name if they’ve borrowed to buy the car and haven’t repaid the loan. Buying a car that hasn’t been paid off complicates the transaction, but it can be done.

Q: Do you have the car’s service history?
A: Although this record is a great way to tell how well a car has been maintained, if you’re buying for an individual, the absence of the record is not necessarily a cause for concern. Many owners simply don’t recognize the importance of keeping these records for resale purposes, but they should have at least some general idea of what work has been done on their car.

Q: Can I take it for a test drive?
A: Obviously, you want to test drive any car before you buy it, the only exception being a fixer-upper that’s not road ready. Take a note pad to jot down any questions that might crop up related to the car’s performance during the test drive.

Q: Can my mechanic inspect it?
A: Even if the dealer’s mechanics have inspected the vehicle, it’s still a good idea to have a third party look at it as well to avoid buying a lemon. If the seller says no to this inspection, it’s probably time to walk away.

We hope these suggestions will help you, and when shopping for used cars in Joliet, we hope your first stop will be Hawk VW, Illinois’ #1 Volkswagen dealer.