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Access to a Car is Crucial

Getting from Point A to Point B is a lot easier when you have access to a car at your fingertips. This is especially true if you have a family that operates on different schedules. The easiest and most realistic solution is leasing a high-quality car on which you can rely. But obtaining access to a car isn’t always easy if your credit isn’t exactly stellar. At Hawk Volkswagen, that’s a nonissue, as we have tons of experience working with people with all financial situations.


Put a Stop to the Vicious Cycle

Imagine that you have a job on the other side of the city, but you can’t get there because you don’t have access to a car. But you can’t afford to invest in a car because you’re unable to keep your job. Inevitably, you end up losing your job because you don’t have a car. This cycle is incredibly frustrating and is a reality that many individuals and families face on a daily basis.


Regardless of Finances, We Don’t Discriminate

We have worked with people who come from diverse financial backgrounds. If you have bad credit or even no credit at all, we will still provide you with finance and leasing options that best fit your needs. First-time buyers are always welcome too, as well as those going through bankruptcy, repossessions, child-support issues, divorces and many other situations. If you can dream the financial situation, we’ve heard it. Rest assured we will get you on the road to financial independence in no time.


We Handle Situations Privately

The stress surrounding financial insecurity can impact your confidence. We take your privacy seriously and will be discreet when handling these situations. Don’t let past situations of being turned down deter you from visiting Hawk Volkswagen to explore your finance and leasing options. Our end goal is always to provide you with a vehicle you love at a price you can afford as well.


Hit the Road Today

Life doesn’t slow down and having access to a car is essential to you and your family. We have the experience it takes to get you on the road today. To get started, fill out our online finance application. We provide the latest auto finance offers including lease and finance specials for Volkswagen cars, trucks and SUVs.

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