Summer Car Care Tips

August 1st, 2019 by

One of summer’s downsides is that high temperatures, hot roads and long vacation trips can play havoc with your car. If you’re shopping for new or used cars in Joliet, we always maintain a great inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles at Hawk Volkswagen, the #1 Volume Volkswagen dealer in Illinois based on 2018 sales.

Whether you’re ready to trade or not, we want to help protect your car against summer’s potential hazards. So, here are some car care tips to help offset the damage summer can do to your car.

Exterior – Wash, Wax and Check Tire Pressure

Sun and heat can dry and crack your paint, so wash and hand-dry your car frequently to remove dirt and dust particles that can scratch and dull your car’s finish. Also, frequent waxing is a good way to place a layer of protection between the finish and the sun’s UV rays.

Don’t overlook your tires. Hot pavement and underinflated tires can easily lead to a dangerous blowout. Overinflated tires can lead to uneven tread wear. Check your tire pressure regularly and maintain the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.


The interior temperature in a closed car in summer can easily soar to almost 200°, cracking your dash and possibly damaging your touch screen and upholstery. If you can’t park indoors, use a sunscreen to minimize the interior temperature, and if there’s no rain in the forecast, leave windows slightly cracked to provide some ventilation. Apply leather conditioner often if you have leather seats.

Under the Hood

Here are the things that most need your attention.

  • Coolant – To prevent your car from overheating, make sure it has the proper amount of antifreeze/coolant, and have your mechanic check all belts and hoses to make sure there’re in good working order.
  • Battery – High temperatures and high accessory use place a great demand on your battery. Have your mechanic check it to see if it needs recharging or replacement before you’re left stranded in the summer heat.
  • Fluids – Low fluid levels can easily lead to overheating. Check the oil level regularly, and have your mechanic check the power steering, transmission and brake fluid levels.
  • AC – Make sure the system is charged with the proper amount of coolant.

We hope these suggestions help you, and when shopping for new or used cars in Joliet, come by Hawk Volkswagen, the #1 Volume Volkswagen dealer in Illinois.

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