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Brake Pad Replacement near Naperville, IL

Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet Joliet IL

Brakes are essential components to a motor vehicle, and it’s imperative that you have checked every now and then. If you’ve been having problems with stopping your car or SUV, you may need to have the parts replaced. For more details, check out this guide from our Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet team.

How Brake Pads Work?

The force behind your stopping power are half-inch, quarter circle-shaped units that fit behind the wheel. These parts are held by a mechanical canister called calipers. These components fasten the pads in place, so when you press the brake pedal, the vehicle will slow down or gradually come to a stop. Plus, the rotors give the pads a cushion to complement the halting strength. Over time, the disc-like structures that rub against the units will eventually wear down the padding, causing the components to wear down. So if you’re cruising on Walter Payton Memorial Highway and notice a change in how long it takes to come to a stop, it might be time to switch your brake pads.

How to Identify Brake Pad Problems

Brake pads almost always have tell-tale signs of when they’re malfunctioning. If you hear any squeaking or squealing sounds while driving through the Naperville area, it may be a symptom of worn pads. A similar indicator that your units are thin is when there’s a grinding noise whenever you press the pedal. Does your vehicle pull to one side during an attempted stop? One of the brakes could be in poor condition, so the car pulls to the side where the wear is more prevalent. Driving with parts that are excessively worn could damage your rotors over time. Our Service Department can assist you further, so be sure to stop by our location to get the help you need with your brakes.

Replacing Brake Pads

On average, your brakes can last up to 70,000 miles or four years. However, the duration of the pads depend on how much you travel and where you commute. For example, if you cruise on the highway, you may be able to get the most out of the parts. Driving on city streets like Aurora Avenue could decrease the effectiveness, because you’ll be braking more. The moment you realize a change in your halting prowess, consider having the pads changed. Simply bring your vehicle to us, and our technicians will remove all four wheels. Next, we’ll detach the bolts holding the pads and remove the components. Our mechanics will double-check them to make sure they’re in good condition. If not, the pads will need to be replaced with new parts. All calipers and wheels are returned back to the position, and our professionals will test them. To receive this service task, visit us at our location or schedule an appointment online.

Do Rotors Affect Brake Pads?

Yes, brake pads firmly press against the rotors to stop the vehicle or slow it down.

Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet Joliet IL