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Safe Driving Tips for Newer Drivers

Learning to drive can be one of the most freeing, yet daunting skills anyone can obtain. Managing your vehicle, paying attention to the road, and avoiding distractions can take a while for some young drivers. Thankfully, there are a few easy tips to remember that will help you feel more comfortable behind the wheel and enhance your skill set.

Newer Drivers - Safe Driving Tips

Tips for Safe Driving

  • Reduce Distractions - Remove or reduce distractions so that the road and your surroundings have your full attention. You can reduce distracted driving risks by putting your cell phone in a bag, informing passengers that you must focus on the road, or setting your phone on Do Not Disturb.
  • Keep a Steady Speed - Higher speeds reduce reaction time and increase the risk of collisions. It is crucial to maintain the posted speed limit to drive safely, as you will have plenty of time to react to unexpected road conditions.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance - There is a common 3-4 second rule that most new drivers are taught, giving them time to brake or move when vehicles stop ahead of them. Staying alert and keeping this distance between yourself and the car in front of you, especially during drives at night, is one of the most important defensive driving skills to learn.
  • Keep Important Tools in the Car - Jumper cables, spare tires, or an emergency kit are all useful items to keep in your vehicle. Though regular maintenance can prevent issues, breakdowns are unpredictable, so having the knowledge and tools to get yourself back on the road can save you from being stranded.

If you follow these tips for new drivers, then you will greatly reduce your chances of an accident. Another great tool at the disposal of modern drivers is the advanced driver assistance features found on many new vehicles. Stop by Hawk VW in Joliet to see these features for yourself, and find out how your vehicle can help monitor the road for you when you take a test drive.